MyBFF Doll Builder

MyTwinn makes highly personalized dolls. They wanted an online configurator for their dolls, so children can customize a doll and purchase online. The app is essentially a drag-and-drop dress-up game. What makes it complex is the variety of elements. There are six different head shapes, nine eye colors, skin, lips, freckles, hair styles and color, as well as clothing and accessories. I developed the code in Actionscript 3 and managed the asset creation process, giving detailed instructions to the photographers of the dolls. Over three hundred photographs were used to assemble the final game.

Once a doll is assembled online, the child can purchase directly from the site, name and save their doll, print out a birth certificate, send an announcement to a friend, and create animated e-cards featuring their doll.

Developed in Flash by Frank Ladd, interface design by Pam Esty, project by Pod Digital Design for MyTwinn.

Launch the live site