• digital pollen is

    Frank Ladd

    digital pollen is the web face of Frank Ladd — interactive designer, web developer, and currently senior design director at Pod Digital Design where he devises, designs, develops and delivers award-winning digital experiences. HTML5 and Flash are his friends.

    digital pollen offers an intoxicating blend of creative and technical solutions. digital pollen floats across media platforms, blown by a breeze of social desire and nurtured through responsive design.
    digital pollen is in the air.

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digital pollen is serious fun

design, develop, delight

digital pollen uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Flash/AS3 and some multi-lingual tweening libraries to design and develop engaging interactive experiences for all screens. The better to build your brand and spread your message.

digital pollen thinks the web is an etheric medium, a magic toy with mesmeric powers to hypnotize and influence your mind, a zephyr carrying hints of spring, a blue pill with potent endorphins to release your inner potential, a two-way mirror, a personal toolbelt, a magic carpet delivering spices from the Far East….

digital pollen ran out of metaphors.